Chicken Tarragon Pasta Bake

I tried to go clothes shopping at the weekend and ended up thoroughly depressed over the fact I really haven’t lost my baby weight. So of course I went on to make a meal laden with butter, cream and cheese at the beginning of this week. Obviously.

We had some left over chicken so I turned to Google to figure out what to do with it and came up with this bit of deliciousness from Kavey Eats via this article on The Guardian.

It’s rare when I attempt to cook that I know something is going to taste good, whatever I do to it. This was one of those times.

The ingredients:


Butter. Cream. Cheese. YES.

First step was to put the pasta on to boil. That I can do.

Then I had to make the sauce. That involved melting the butter and adding the flour which kind of made me feel like I was baking a cake. I’m always a bit nervous with flour ’cause it’s so easy to add too much and then you have to faff around adding more of the other stuff to counteract it and then I get in a flap and cry. But I took it slow and it was okay.

After that came the cream, chicken stock, parmesan and finally the mustard and tarragon (yes, the same mustard and tarragon that made my ill-fated tarragon mustard).


I tasted it and decided it needed to be cheesier so I added some more parmesan. I regret nothing.

The sauce then needed to be mixed in with the pasta and the chicken. Unfortunately at this point I realised I’d spent too long being cautious with the flour and I’d let the pasta overcook. Of course I messed up the easy bit!

The pasta wasn’t great but it wasn’t a disaster. It was edible (just). The sauce remained yummy.



Last step before it went in the oven was putting breadcrumbs on top.


Mmmm, again.

I wasn’t the only one who thought this looked good:


Not pictured: me dropping my phone in the dish in my rush to stop Tristan sticking his fingers in. Fail.

Once I’d wiped my phone off, the dish went in the oven for 25 minutes while I put Tristan to bed.

The end result:


The pasta was mushy but other than that, this was so good. I would say I’d do it again but, you know… baby weight.


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